What we do

We work with and on behalf of the older people’s housing sector in the UK to:

  • Raise awareness of the value and benefits of older people’s housing
  • Celebrate housing with care and support for older people
  • Promote sheltered and retirement housing schemes as community hubs
  • Influence joint working at all levels
  • Disseminate good practice

Our five year business plan sets out our achievements in previous years and our main objectives for the future as well as how we are managing risk. View our 2016-2021 business plan

At our Annual General meetings we review the previous year and present our plans for the forthcoming year as well as confirm any changes to erosh trustees and officers and adopt the annual accounts. Members can view the minutes and presentation from our last AGM. 

Our business plan is supported by an annual action plan which trustees regularly monitor.

View our current action plan.

Our priorities include:

  • Growing membership and building our financial strength
  • Maintaining existing and exploring new relationships including the commercial sector
  • Developing new resources and services to increase the value of your erosh membership
  • Promoting the benefits of housing and support services for older people to local and central government
  • Continuing to evidence and promote the value of older people’s housing and support and the contribution it makes to saving money for health and social care
  • Developing new erosh networks

If you have any questions about our plans (or we would love you to suggest things for us to work on), please contact our Chief Executive, Rebecca Mollart at ceo@erosh.co.uk.


“Being such a small enterprise can feel quite isolated at times given the increasing challenges facing this sector, but Erosh is proving to be a significant lifeline both for the staff and the Trustees.  As a relatively new member I have found the website offers so much useful advice, and in such a concise format, that I frequently turn to it for detailed information, or confirmation that we are doing the right thing!  The new design has made it even easier to use, with the checklists being particularly helpful.  I am looking forward to getting more involved with our local network too, which will give us the opportunity to become part of the wider sheltered housing community.”

Emma Macpherson Deputy Warden