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By 2025, analogue telephone services will be switched off as the UK’s telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital. Major implications for those who rely on telecare, and organisations managing health/housing/home care. Providers must be prepared to minimise disruption, ensure service continuity, and avoid compromising the safety of service users whilst at the same time maximising the opportunities digitalisation offers. 
The switchover is industry-led but supported by Ofcom and the Government as a step towards future proofing the UK’s connectivity with digital systems. The schedule will vary depending on the service provider and is likely to come under pressure as demand for digital telecare equipment increases as the deadline approaches.
We launched our new Good Practice Guide in February at a very well-attended virtual event. Mark Law, Partnership Manager at Careline 365, gave a thought-provoking presentation explaining what is happening and how things will change as well as the opportunities digital switchover presents. Discussion was lively with lots of questions for Mark highlighting the thirst for clear information. We are now working with Mark on a briefing covering customers’ concerns and how to respond. Our Guide is not a technical manual but demystifies terminology and covers benefits and challenges, implications and key considerations, sources of further information and a handy checklist.
Members can download the guide here.
Please carry on this important conversation by telling us where you are with digital switchover (our recent survey suggested only 45% of respondents felt quite/very prepared, 27% not very prepared/not prepared at all and 27% somewhere in the middle).

  • How ready are you and where are you in the process? 
  • What have you done to prepare? What has gone well/not so well?
  • What challenges and issues have you faced?
  • What would you like more information about or help with?

Tell us what you think and keep the conversation going!
Rebecca Mollart, CEO erosh