Independent Living Standards

The 5 standards

We will assess your service(s) against 5 standards covering different service outcomes:

  • Governance & Management – managing services in the best way possible
  • Value for Money & Effective Use of Resources – achieving good value for money and resourcing services well
  • Equal and Respectful – treating customers and staff equally and with respect
  • Customer Focused & Personalised Services – delivering services which meet individual needs and preferences and putting customers in the driving seat
  • Customer & Staff Safety – safeguarding customers whilst encouraging them to take sensible risks.

Build your own accreditation

You can choose to focus your accreditation on one service or you can include all services you deliver.

You can add other services at any time without having to register again. It’s your accreditation – use it to your best advantage.

Typical services currently registered include:

➢ Services for Older People

➢ Independent Living Services

➢ Abbeyfield Society

➢ Homeless Services

➢ Services for Young People


Independent Living Standards Accredited Provider

If you are designated a “Independent Living Standards Accredited Provider” this means that your service overall:

➢ Has all relevant policies and procedures in place

➢ Can demonstrate a planned approach in supporting people to achieve positive outcomes

➢ Both staff and customers are actively involved in service delivery and development

➢ The organisation learns from both staff and customer feedback and experience to shape the service

➢ There is a drive for continuous improvement and sector leadership

In addition to overall accreditation, there is the opportunity for any outstanding achievement in relation to a particular standard or standards to be formally recognised. This might be for example where you can demonstrate particularly innovative or creative practice over and above what might be considered ‘normal’.