There’s not really any other accreditation out there tailored to older people’s housing.  So for us, the benefits of the Code of Practice for us have been enormous.  Firstly, it’s been a real driver for consistency and improvement across our 83 schemes.  It’s given us a clear framework to review our service and ensure we’re up to scratch.  And the feedback from our assessors has helped point us towards areas we can do even better.  Secondly, our actual accreditation result was a massive pat on the back for us all.  We’re so used to dealing with all the problems and things that go wrong that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  So for an independent expert to come in, quiz residents and staff and tell you you’re doing a great job is really powerful.  It’s given the whole team a real sense of pride and achievement.  And I guess that brings us to the third big  ‘plus’.  Our residents aren’t in a position to judge the standard of our service, compared to other landlords, so it’s reassuring to them to know someone independent has – and that their landlord matches up to a challenging Code.  The process wasn’t bureaucratic or too onerous.  And so for us, it’s been a really positive experience – and offers great value for money

Jo Holt Service Improvement Manager

“CESSA Housing Association is a very small Registered Provider with just under 200 sheltered properties occupied by tenants aged 60+ with a connection to the British Military.  After several years investigating how best to externally validate and demonstrate the quality of our services, we signed up to the erosh Code of Practice. The unique benefit of being externally reviewed and accredited by erosh is that they have always been dedicated to the provision of excellent sheltered housing and the support of older residents, so truly understand the nature of our business.  Our accreditation also demonstrates our commitment to delivering consistent levels of service across all our schemes; ensuring our tenants have opportunities to independently contribute to the assessment process; and gives reassurance to tenants that their landlord is operating to nationally agreed industry standards.  CESSA HA is therefore proud to display our accreditation on our website and letterhead as a symbol of the high service standards we strive to achieve on behalf of our residents.”

Gill Peckham Director of Housing, CESSA Housing Association

“Being such a small enterprise can feel quite isolated at times given the increasing challenges facing this sector, but Erosh is proving to be a significant lifeline both for the staff and the Trustees.  As a relatively new member I have found the website offers so much useful advice, and in such a concise format, that I frequently turn to it for detailed information, or confirmation that we are doing the right thing!  The new design has made it even easier to use, with the checklists being particularly helpful.  I am looking forward to getting more involved with our local network too, which will give us the opportunity to become part of the wider sheltered housing community.”

Emma Macpherson Deputy Warden

“Being a member of erosh keeps us in touch with developments and enables us to liaise with colleagues and professionals around the country to share best practice and gain best practice and changes in policy which could affect our residents and our service provision.”

Kevin Williamson Head of Housing with Care Services, City of Westminster

“Our staff do a fantastic job ensuring residents have that bit of support when they need it and supporting them to live truly independent, fulfilling lives. Erosh is a great network for landlords as well as reminding commissioners about the great value for money of supported housing; a message we really need to get across in these cash-strapped times.”


Robin Deane  Head of Area – Services, Sussex Region, Amicus Horizon

“Being a member of erosh has enabled us to connect with housing providers and other housing organisations to share and learn from best practice examples.”


Mike Turner Development Director, Ian Williams Ltd

“Our membership of erosh is very valuable in enabling us to access good practice, network with other local and national providers and keep up to speed with current issues in the sector.”

Chris Jones Supported Housing Manager, Waterloo Housing Group

“Erosh’s campaign for promoting sheltered housing has given us new ideas to use in training with colleagues in social care and health. RCT Homes has benefitted enormously from erosh membership.”

Rena Karadogan Care and Support Business Development Manager, RCT Homes

“Erosh is a fantastic resource, whether you are a provider or individual. Everyone that joins will benefit greatly from the work erosh does. It will widen their networks and contacts, and members will gain essential information through the website and its network meetings.”

Cheryl Whittle Support Services Manager, Waltham Forest Housing Association