Independent Living Standards

Maintaining quality in the housing and support sector through our Independent Living Standards,

Providers of housing and support for older people and other client groups play an essential role in maintaining the mental and physical well-being, independence and quality of life of residents and service users.

Through independent assessment, the erosh Independent Living Standards enable you to demonstrate the quality of your independent living accommodation and services against nationally recognised standards and to measure the positive outcomes for your customers as well as providing you with a cost effective framework for regularly reviewing and updating policies, procedures and processes; ensuring staff are knowledgeable trained, and supported; and for identifying your strengths and areas for improvement.

Why erosh accreditation?

We have played a key role in the sector for over 20 years and were involved in the development of the original Code of Practice standards. We benefit from long standing credibility in the sector and our Independent Living Standards are central to our efforts to raise and maintain standards and to improve the outcome for residents and service users. 

Benefits of erosh accreditation

Our accreditation process is:

➢ Robust and credible but minimises the impact on staff and resources

➢ Cost efficient – by minimising the time your staff are involved in gathering evidence

➢ Is complementary to service delivery with the accreditation process built around existing activities

➢ A ‘quick win’ – you can achieve accreditation within 6 months

➢ An independent and objective review of your strengths and areas for improvement

➢ A confidential way of highlighting improvements and actions to achieve higher levels

Value added

Being part of the Independent Living Standards community will enable you to network with other achievers to share your experiences and discuss your evidence gathering challenges. You might also consider erosh membership which gives all your staff access to a variety of good practice and policy resources which may contribute to your evidence.  

More information 

If you have any further questions about the erosh Independent Living Standards, please email Steve Rafferty, Director of Independent Living Standards on or fill out the form below.


    Independent Living Standards Enquiry

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    Erosh Membership

    “Being a member of erosh keeps us in touch with developments and enables us to liaise with colleagues and professionals around the country to share best practice and gain best practice and changes in policy which could affect our residents and our service provision.”

    Kevin Williamson Head of Housing with Care Services, Westminster Council

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