Housing choices for older people

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Rebecca Staff asked 4 years ago

Hello. We are currently working on some good practice guidance on housing choices for older people. This would cover for example:

  • Different types of accommodation and services available
  • How to access different types of accommodation and services
  • Moving on issues (including from sheltered & retirement housing services) including support to do so
  • Downsizing/right sizing issues including support to do so
  • Support for making choices in the first place

We would welcome your input and suggestions. For example:

  • What topics would you like this guide to cover?
  • Any particular issues you hope this guide would help with?
  • Any useful sources of support for older people you are aware of?
  • Any useful case studies (anonymised of course) highlighting good examples of housing choices older people have made or how they have been supported to do so including moving on from sheltered schemes
  • Anything else you would like to share with us about this topic!

Either post your thoughts and suggestions here or contact me at ceo@erosh.co.uk
Best wishes.
Rebecca Mollart, erosh CEO