No-Call disclaimers and non-compliance H&S checks

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Zola Thomas asked 12 months ago

Morning Everyone,
I’d like to ask some thoughts and opinions please.
We currently offer a no calls disclaimer to residents who are adamant they don’t want support calls – we still call through once a week to check connectivity but they don’t have to respond. We are usually able to ascertain safety with visual checks instead. Does anyone else offer these now? If not, how do you manage it with the residents who don’t want to engage?
Secondly – we are currently checking smoke detectors and pull cords on a 4 monthly basis. I have had a request from staff to lessen this to every 6 months, mainly due to capacity and the fact that any errors are usually picked up on the system or reported by residents anyway. I like them as it’s a chance to get into the properties of those who may not want to engage. As they’re not compliance checks, can I ask how often everyone else carries these out and any thoughts on reducing to 6 monthly?
Thanks all in advance,