Pets within communal lounges

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Zola Thomas asked 1 year ago

Hi All,
I’ve had a recent situation come up where a resident was allowing their cat to wander the corridors unattended and then taking it into the communal lounge for long periods at a time. This is an issue as it can be a trip hazard and also kick off allergies etc as it’s leaving hair over the furniture – dealing with the corridor bit is easy enough.
The question I have is – would you say that no pets can be in the communal lounge for a period of time as obviously people have phobias and allergies with dogs as well? Or would you deal with it on a one on one basis? I don’t want to create one rule for one etc…
However, may residents have small dogs that sit on walkers when they come to coffee morning and this rule will prevent their attendance.
Thank you

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