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Sue Rudd asked 10 months ago

We are currently completing a full service review of our older persons service. I currently have 16 schemes with 2 new build coming back in the next Year.
I am looking for areas of good practice and what has made the greatest impact to your customers
I would like to speak to some members regarding the service they offer that is  working well

  • Do you offer a tiered service, to support different levels of need?
  • Do you have wifi  schemes and how far does it reach ie just communal areas,  and the use of any tech they maybe using? 
  • Do you rent the communal facilities, lounges or guest rooms etc to other agencies to generate an income?
  • Do you have other areas of good practice that really works and you would be willing to share

Sorry, i know so many questions for a Friday afternoon
I am away for 2 weeks on leave but if anyone would be prepared to speak to me my email is