Adult Serious Case Reviews: Lessons for housing providers

Long standing erosh member and former Director of Policy, Imogen Parry continues developing her expertise in relation to adult safeguarding and housing.  Since retiring from erosh and sheltered housing consultancy nearly three years ago, Imogen has been studying for an MA in Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy and Practice at Keele University.

Her dissertation identified lessons for housing providers from Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) to help address the lack of engagement of housing in adult safeguarding in England. It concludes with a discussion on whether lessons can be learnt from SCRs, exploring the difficulties presented by the complexity of safeguarding and the often intractable problems of partnership working. Particular difficulties for lessons being learnt by housing and Adult Social staff are suggested, along with strategic, policy and practice examples illustrating how these difficulties can be overcome. Imogen has produced an information briefing with an abstract of her dissertation ‘Adult Serious Case Reviews: lessons for housing providers’ and a list of her published articles in 2013 on housing and safeguarding. Download the guidance here.

Members will also be aware that Imogen has helped to produce our invaluable good practice guidance on safeguarding for erosh members available through our Policy and Practice Portal

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