Awards Finalist – Amicus Horizon

Amicus Horizon

With the Join Us Steering Group, Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council

Join Us

Join Us, a social network of older East Sussex residents in and beyond sheltered housing covering over 1,000 residents and more than 30 sheltered schemes, aims to reduce isolation and improve health and well-being through a wide variety of activities and events increasingly being led by residents who have now formed an independent community organisation which enables them to apply for independent funding.

Why we liked this project

This project is far reaching involving residents and staff in different schemes as well as older residents in communities around schemes and residents of schemes provided by other social landlords. We particularly liked that things have progressed to a more formal footing with residents forming their own community organisation as well as the efforts to promote digital inclusion. The social networks enable older people to support each other as well as themselves.

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