Awards Finalist – Gedling Homes

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Great War Commemoration Projects

The Great War Commemoration Projects included three main activities:  an intergenerational creative arts project; the creation of the ‘Gedling Homes Singers’ (involving older people in the wider community as well as sheltered residents) who performed at a Poppy Proms concert; and a ‘Last Post’ exchange with tenants and staff from Nottingham City Homes. This project brought together people of different generations to take part in a variety of remembrance events designed, developed and delivered with tenants. The Gedling Singers have continued beyond the life of the project and have performed at other older people events and concerts as well as managing and promoting their own ‘appearances’

Why we liked this project

New skills have been developed (and existing skills rekindled) and new friendships formed which have resulted in additional inter-scheme activities. Some older people involved have also gone onto to play a more active role in their schemes and in the housing association as well as accessing further training opportunities through the organisation’s GREATER Training Programme. Although this project was connected to a particular commemorative event, it has had wider and more long lasting benefits for both the young and older people involved and the wider community, and it would be a good model for other intergenerational projects.

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