Awards Finalist – Waltham Forest HA Ltd – Health Professionals Training

This project was developed in response to increasing numbers of complaints from residents about their discharge from a local hospital which left them feeling vulnerable and sometimes having to be re-admitted. Originally designed specifically for nursing staff who specifically work on older people’s wards e.g. matrons, charge nurses and occupational therapists, training sessions are now also being delivered for social care staff. This training is the first of its kind and the aim is to roll it out nationally across all health trusts and social care teams in London.

Why we liked this project

Lack of good quality hospital discharge is an on-going issue for many housing providers; this project is an effective example of partnership working to improve the situation for all parties, particularly residents. It is an effective response to residents’ concerns and their own ‘stories’ are used as case studies to help staff understand the impact of poor discharge. Older people’s views on effective discharge has been integrated into the training materials. Improvements in discharge processes have already been achieved as well as cost savings for health. There is clear potential for this initiative to be rolled out regionally and nationally.

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