Awards Finalist – Waltham Forest HA Ltd -The Sunshine Club

As part of a plan to become a more dementia friendly organisation, the Support Services Team set up a monthly group for all sheltered residents with the primary aim of enhancing the lives of people with dementia. The group provides friendship, specifically designed activities, reminiscence events, and specific dementia equipment including toolkits and books. It also enables tenants without dementia to better understand the illness their neighbours have and how they can support them and help to improve their lives.

Why we liked this project

This project is well grounded in a local and national strategic focus on dementia. It brings together residents, of different ages and from diverse backgrounds, with dementia and their neighbours in a relaxed environment where they can participate as much or as little as they like. It reduces the isolation often experienced by people with dementia (especially those in the latter stages) and improves the understanding of those without dementia so they can better provide support.

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