Calls for more bungalows

Councils are to be urged to build a new generation of bungalows as part of a planning revolution to create bespoke homes for people aged above 65, Eric Pickles has announced.

The Communities Secretary is to publish rules to make town halls match development to the type of accommodation needed locally to cater for the ageing population.

Planners will have to ensure that they have enough properties of the right type — including clusters of bungalows that can only be let to older people.

Planning Minister Nick Boles said pensioners want to move into bungalows as such homes are more easily adapted if ¬people become less mobile as they get older.

Mr Boles said: “We must build more homes or suitable accommodation for older -people if we are to avoid problems further down the track.

“We’re all living longer and there will be a big rise in the number of older people in future years.
“Making sure councils plan for this, and for enough suit¬able homes like bungalows in their area, will help ensure the ageing population can live in the places they want and enjoy their retirement.”

Read the policy Giving communities more power in planning local development.

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