Consultation on housing costs for sheltered and extra care accommodation


As you are aware, Government is currently consulting on the design of the new housing costs funding model for sheltered and extra care accommodation, in England. Read about the consultation here.

We are of course going to submit a response on behalf of erosh and we would very much welcome you input to our collective feedback. To make things easier we have included a list of the questions in this document with space for your response. Please send your completed response to by Friday 5 January 2018 at the latest so we can incorporate your views.

The consultation says that the proposals relate to England only, though we would nevertheless welcome comments from respondees across Great Britain so we too are happy to receive input from all parts of the UK.

Alternatively if your organisation has a response which captures your feedback and you don’t mind sharing this with us, email this to by Friday 5 January 2018.

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