Dementia: Skilling the general needs housing workforce – Call for good practice examples


Is your organisation taking a systematic approach to equip your workforce with the knowledge, skills and support necessary for them to recognise, and play their part in assisting, residents with dementia? If so, the Housing and Dementia Working Group would really like to hear from you.

They are undertaking a small piece of research into:

  • the roles and functions of staff in general needs housing
  • the topic areas and depth of training suited to each broad category of staff
  • external sources of awareness-raising and training for organisations without in-house dementia trainers

A key output from this will be a report outlining the rationale behind equipping the general needs housing workforce, and supplying information to support providers who are unsure where to begin.

We plan to include examples from housing providers already on this path, outlining briefly what they are doing to skill up staff within their organisations. We are particularly keen to include examples from general needs housing providers but would also welcome examples from specialist providers. Things like:

  • What are you doing?
  • Which categories of staff are you including?
  • How are you rolling it out across your organisation?

If you have some good practice you are happy to share, please send it to by the 7th February. For further information, contact Sue, Roger Keller at CIH, or Jake Eliot at

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