Erosh in the regions

Erosh’s local networks continue to be a great driving force across the country.

Together we have continued to hold meetings throughout the year with networks being active locally.

Members have also launched a new regional network in thenorth west, which we look forward to seeing grow in the coming year.

Network chairs came together in February to look at how Erosh could best respond to current issues in the sector both nationally and regionally. This has been fed back to our local networks and informs the work that we have been doing.

Our local networks are a great way of bringing members together to share best practice and to discuss issues in the sector. Often there are guest speakers at the meetings which bring added value to discussions.

Find out more information about our local networks or starting one in your region.

To make it easy for members to launch new networks we offer support and have revised our toolkit for setting networks up. Please email us for a copy of the Network Toolkit if you are interested in launching a new one.

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