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Do you:

  • Need to persuade commissioners of the value of your services?
  • Need an easier way to record evidence of what you achieve?
  • Need to demonstrate how you contribute to the achievement of Health, Social Care and Public Health outcomes and indicators?
  • Need to work out how you save money for these other sectors?
  • Lack time and resources to undertake a detailed mapping exercise?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, you need our new Service Impact Tool – a quick, easy-to-use framework developed with Interactive Toolkits for recording the evidence needed to demonstrate the value of your services to local authorities, statutory services, and other key stakeholders.

We all know the valuable contribution housing related support services for older people make to the achievement of NHS, Adult Social Care and Public Health outcomes as well as the potential cost savings. The challenge is demonstrating this both locally and nationally. The SiT will help you do this locally. Erosh will do this nationally by periodically collecting your data.

You will of course want to know a bit more about what the SiT will look like! It is presented in standard Excel format so too large to include a full image here but to give you can idea how it will work …..

This example of an (NHS) indicator shows how you would record your contribution to it and the potential cost savings.

NHS Domain 3 Helping people to recover from ill-health following injury

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table 1d

You will be able to record your contribution against any of the national health, adult social care and public health indicators and will easily be able to link to the original documents for reference. You will also have access to the Department of Health National Schedule of Reference Costs 2013-14 whichprovide individual unit costs, e.g. an ambulance call-out, overnight stay in hospital, etc. This will help you calculate potential savings as a result of your contribution.

You will also be able to add in your own ‘other’ indicators to highlight better the contribution and savings your services make.

You will be able to filter data to narrow down what you want to see according to your own needs and, when you have entered your data, charts will be produced which reflect overall totals. Again these can be filtered according to your own needs.

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table 2 c

The SiT is a simple tool which is designed to help you attribute some value to what you do and to help you with those tricky conversations where you want to convince key stakeholders of the value of your services. We also wanted something that was relatively inexpensive and quick to develop, easy to use and cheap for you as we know your resources are limited. That is not to say we won’t develop the SiT in the future. Depending on feedback we receive about this initial version, we may develop additional functionality to be available as options to suit your budget.

For the first three months i.e. to end August 15, we are offering the SiT for a special introductory price of £150 for erosh members (£300 for non-members). Complete this form to order directly or contact Kate Chapman, Membership & Good Practice Administrator. Email:  Tel: 0333 011 5804.


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