Final Care Act Guidance – results of the consultation

Earlier this year we responded on our members’ behalf to the consultation on the Draft Regulations and Guidance for Implementation of Part 1 of the Care Act 2014.

In our Policy & Practice Portal you will find all the key documents including the Response to the Consultation and Statutory Guidance.

In our copy of the Response to the Consultation we have highlighted our response to the consultation questions and indicated where the guidance has been amended or revised or there are comments which relate to housing related support.

Overall it is good to see that some positive changes have been made as a result of feedback from the consultation process. However, as expected, there is no mention of any additional funding other than the re-distribution of already planned funding. Our other key concerns remain: lack of clarity around definitions particular care and support; and the obvious contradiction between emphasis on prevention and early intervention and reduction in or withdrawal of the very services which prioritise prevention and early intervention.

If you have comments in relation to any of the above, please contact Rebecca Mollart, CEO erosh,

We are still also very keen to capture all views (member and non-member) on what is happening in the sector. Please help us by taking our ‘Sector Selfie’.  Responses will be collated and presented in a report free to erosh members early next year.

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