Introducing the new Service Impact Tool (SiT) from erosh

SiT is a tool which provides you with a quick, easy-to-use framework for recording the evidence you need to demonstrate the value of your services to key stakeholders. We provide the framework into which you comment on how you contribute to health, social care and public health indicators. You will be able to add other indicators relevant to you; rate your ‘contribution’ using a simple traffic light system; and sort your responses to help direct your energies and resources. You will also be able to add in specific local or national costs against each indicator and estimate any cost savings as a result of your contribution.  The special introductory rate is £150 for members / £300 for non-members up until the end of June 2015.

The official ‘launch’ of the SiT will take place at our Innovation & Good Practice Awards ceremony on 23 March. If you would like us to tell you when it is available, contact Rebecca Mollart,

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