Erosh is the national consortium for older people’s housing and support. We champion the need for good quality older people’s housing and support and lobby nationally on key issues.

Through our lobbying activities, erosh seeks to actively influence government policies and practice with a collective voice to:

  • demonstrate health and social care benefits and cost savings of housing  and support for older people
  • make sure older people’s housing and support services promote empowerment, independence and choice and involve older people in the design, delivery and development of their services
  • ensure older people’s housing  and support services are affordable, accessible and inclusive, and designed to meet current and future needs
  • make sure staff working with older people are appropriately and regularly trained, and comply with professional standards and good practice
  • promote sheltered schemes as hubs for all older people in communities to combat social isolation and loneliness

Read our key lobbying messages here.

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Understand how recent changes in government policy and legislation could affect you through our member Policy Briefings.

Find out more about who is lobbying on your behalf by visiting our Who’s who page.

Our annual business plan is a key document setting out our achievements from the previous year; our objectives for the forthcoming year; and how we are managing risk. A summary of our 2013-2014 business plan can be viewed here. If you have any questions or would like to see the detailed plan, contact our Chief Executive, Rebecca Mollart at policy@erosh.co.uk.


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