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What is it?

This is a sporting reminiscence project (with Beth Johnson Foundation and RSVP) aimed at enhancing the social lives of older people at Summerdale Close, Tonteg. It aims to improve quality of life for older people using sporting memories and heritage and to break down barriers between old and young. Pupils from Llanilltyd Fardre Primary School produced a film about the history of Pontypridd Rugby Club and interviewed tenants from Summerdale Close to record their memories of the club. The film features interviews with former players, supporters and tea ladies. Volunteers are now setting up regular sporting reminiscence sessions at the scheme to talk about their memories of sport.

What were its aims?

This sporting reminiscence project was aimed at helping to reduce the loneliness experienced by older people, especially men, who were becoming increasingly isolated in the communities they have grown up in. RCT Homes was also keen to work with other organisations to provide opportunities for older people to engage with younger people.

What were its outcomes?

The project has improved relationships between local school children and tenants from Summerdale Close; it has broken down barriers and fear of the unknown and they are now on first name terms when they meet in the street. The sheltered complex forms part of a larger housing estate, where there have been long standing anti-social behaviour issues often involving younger children; this reminiscence project has helped to develop more positive relationships between all sides. The project has given the retired players and tea ladies from Pontypridd Rugby Club the opportunity to meet up and reminisce about the heyday of the club in the 1970s and 80s, the teams they had played, the food they ate etc. It has shown that you don’t have to have played sport to be able to reminisce.

Why we like it…

This project, with a particularly local cultural focus, has developed out of a common interest in rugby amongst both young and older people. We liked the way the project was effectively structured around the children’s film and interviews. Clearly there are benefits of helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness but also in building positive relationships between local school children and scheme residents. Residents have also been involved in the making of the DVD and its screening, and in planning further sporting reminiscence sessions.

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