NEW GUIDE: Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic

Although sheltered and retirement housing providers already had in place measures to respond quickly ensuring safety of residents and staff and minimising impact on service delivery, Covid-19 took us all by surprise. Focus initially was inevitably on ‘crisis management’ but then the longer impacts came to light, as well as the need to develop strategies to live with Covid-19.

It is crucial therefore, with so many lessons to be learned, that we take stock and think carefully, avoiding a natural inclination to carry on with new approaches without properly evaluating longer term effectiveness. 

The guide covers:

  • What have we learned from Covid-19?
  • Key challenges
  • Business Continuity
  • Managing outbreaks
  • Supporting residents and staff
  • Managing behaviour
  • Returning to work plans and opening up schemes
  • Good practice examples
  • Sources and resources
  • Handy checklist

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