New housing and health qualification

CIH has been part of a working group led by Asset Skills, to develop a qualification structure for housing, health and care at level 3.

The qualification will have units developed by CIH which are designed around National Occupational Standards (NOS) developed by Asset Skills and Skills for Care and Development.

Please read the draft qualification structure [link to word document attached] for more information. If you require further detail, it is possible to click the links in the document to access further information on the topics that may be included as part of the unit content, but please be aware that these are by no means the final version, and the content is just indicative.

CIH would like you to participate in a quick survey aimed at attaining the market for the qualification, and to help CIH prioritise the order of this potential qualification development. Please can you take the time to read the draft structure and answer the survey here by September 9, 2013.

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