New Service Impact Tool (Lite) available to erosh members: FREE to download & use from the website


Do you:

  • Need to persuade commissioners of the value of your services?
  • Need an easier way to record evidence of what you achieve?
  • Need to demonstrate how you contribute to the achievement of Health, Social Care and Public Health outcomes and indicators?
  • Need to work out how you save money for these other sectors?
  • Lack time and resources to undertake a detailed mapping exercise?

Our Service Impact Tool (SiT), which helps you identify the contribution (including potential cost savings) you make to the achievement of health, social care, and public health indicators, outcomes, and targets, was quite popular but some members felt it was too complex and asked us to develop something simpler, more user-friendly and free!

The new SiT Lite is more basic and simply provides you with a template to input the things you do to contribute to the achievement of relevant health, social care, and public health indicators. It also lets you input your costs, local or national costs you want to compare you costs with, and produces a handy graph showing the total costs savings yours services can make.

SiT Lite is avaiable for our members to download as a document from this website! Click here to log in and access this resource.

If your company is not currently a member but would like to join in order to use SiT Lite and access all our other resources, contact Kate Chapman on 03330115804 today or visit

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