Older People’s Commissioner for Wales research into the experience of older men at risk of or experiencing domestic abuse

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales (OPCW) has asked Opinion Research Services (ORS), an independent research company, to conduct research to explore the experiences of older men who are at risk of, and who are experiencing, all kinds of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse includes physical or sexual abuse; controlling, coercive, violent, or threatening behaviour; and financial, psychological, and emotional abuse. Domestic abuse can occur between married or co-habiting partners or ex-partners (including those in/formerly in same-sex relationships) or family members. Abuse in care homes is not covered as part of this project.

A key part of this research is engaging support organisations to understand their perspectives on these issues through a call for evidence.

ORS would like your feedback on the services available to older men who are at risk of, and who are experiencing, domestic abuse in terms of:

»        Effective, and less effective, practice in service delivery

»        Gaps in service provision

»        Barriers and challenges faced by those trying to access these services

»        What action should be taken to ensure that older men get the support they need?

Please send your answers and information to: OPCW_research@ors.org.uk by Friday 4th February 2022.

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