Regional boost for ERoSH networks

In the face of cost-cutting, localism and local offers housing providers need to share best practice and learning points more than ever, that is why we are encouraging members to get the most out of their local networks.

Our local networks provide a platform for members to come together to discuss current issues in your area during a challenging time for the sector.

Chair of ERoSH’s local networks Jo McTavish said: “With localism being a key objective for the coalition government and the need to review what we do much more closely, it is more important than ever for ERoSH members to be part of the networks.

“We are aiming to increase the number of local networks to take forward our aims and objectives, inform our policy agenda and most importantly for our members to come together to discuss current issues and share best practice.”

The following meetings are taking place in the coming months:

  • Our Sussex network is being relaunched on June 8. The meeting will be held at an extra care scheme at Prescott House, Upper St John’s Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex RG158HB. Guest speakers at the event will be Jane Ward, project officer for the Life and Soul Project being run by the National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA) in partnership with Age UK and Stuart Hodgkins from Orbit South. For more information please contact Jo McTavish
  • Our Waltham Forest regional network is meeting on June 16 to discuss emergency planning and neighbour mapping. The meeting will be held at 1.30pm for a 2pm start and the venue is yet to be confirmed. For more information contact Suzanne Bailey
  • Our Northern Ireland regional network will be meeting on June 23 to discuss the review of the housing selection scheme in Northern Ireland. The dates for the following meetings are September 22, November 3 and December 15. For more information contact Cathy Devlin
  • The west midlands regional network is meeting in July in Wolverhampton. Guest speakers will be Catherine Lancaster-Graham from Wolverhampton City Council talking about bringing the community into sheltered schemes and consultant Liz Taylor talking about the role of Dignity Champions. For more information contact Rebecca Mollart
  • The Kent regional network is meeting at Golding Homes, in Maidstone, at 1.30pm on July 4. Guest speaker will be Claire Martin, head of Supporting People in Kent. For more information contact Rose Ellison

Find out more about our local networks and who to contact about the network in your region on our website.

If we don’t have a network based in your region then we are always willing to support people to set up a network. We will give you a lot of help and a member of the networks subcommittee will attend your first couple of meetings to assist you.

We are currently updating out toolkit which will assist people start a regional network and we will launch this via our ezine in the coming months.

For more information on the local networks email Jo McTavish.

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