Sitra’s supported housing research project

Sitra is conducting a study to identify how much supported housing is funded by Housing Benefit for people of working age in a small sample of English local authorities.

The study will contribute to discussions within Government and the sector as to how the housing costs of supported housing could be dealt with in future in the light of welfare reform that includes the abolition of Housing Benefit by the end of 2017.

The study will be conducted at the level of individual schemes or projects. No data about the benefits of identifiable individuals will be given to Sitra or gathered by Sitra in the course of this work. Sitra will be working with providers and commissioners of supported housing to support this important task which will contribute to decisions vital to the continued viability of specialist housing for many of England’s most vulnerable people.

The study, to be completed by the end of July 2013 is being led by Geoffrey Ferres and Burcu Borysik. Find out more information on the Sitra website.

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