Spotlight on… the Northern Ireland Network


The erosh Northern Ireland network is one of our most popular. Meetings are held quarterly at different sheltered schemes; most recently at Brennan Court, a Clanmil scheme in Magherafelt. Roisin Manley, outgoing network secretary, said:

“I find the network meetings very useful to discuss common issues we are experiencing and how we are dealing with them including for example the 5% cut in Supporting People funding introduced this year”. 

Jim Chapman, network chair, said:

“Although the sheltered housing network in Northern Ireland is relatively small, comprising less than 10 Housing Associations, the ways in which we deliver the sheltered housing services differs from Association to Association and from scheme to scheme. Our meetings are useful melting pots for comparing the subtle differences in our policies and procedures and for learning from the good practice across the sector. The analysis of current issues provided by Rebecca and other contributors provide stimulus for our wider discussions.”

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