There’s never been a better time to be a member of erosh

Here’s what our members have to say…

“As a small independent sheltered housing charity it could have been very isolating to try and navigate our way through the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown on our own.  To have the reassurance of the erosh briefings and the security of belonging to a wider community was, and continues to be, a vital lifeline for us.  The guidance provided useful information and ideas which we could apply to our particular setting, and it was a comfort to know that we weren’t alone in finding things challenging!”

Emma McPherson, Oak Tree House

“ I have found my EROSH membership particularly helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It has provided a wealth of resources of how we can support our staff and residents through this very trying time and has given much-needed interaction with other housing providers.  Pandemic-aside, erosh is always at the cutting edge of sheltered housing and has opened up possibilities to me, such as LGBTQ+ training and the Code of Practice accreditation, which can only enhance and improve our sheltered housing service.”

Zola Thomas, Supported Housing Team Leader, Wealden District Council

“ Erosh membership is an accessible, critical and professional source for providing valuable guidance and advice on organisational and strategic issues in our service.  The engagement, networking and training opportunities it offers to members enables us to promote and develop the service we strive so hard to deliver to ensure the older and sometimes more vulnerable people in communities have a safe and secure home for the future with the essential support they need.  The invaluable support of Erosh has been particularly essential in sharing good practice, problem solving and consistency to our approach as we work through some very difficult decision making to adapt to the way we deliver our services during this pandemic.”

Angela Gittins, Housing Manager – Older Persons Services, Caerphilly County Borough Council

“Valleys to Coast has been a member of erosh, and active member of the South Wales network, for a number of years and I would say that professionally and personally, it is the most beneficial of all of the groups I belong to. For the last few years I have been network secretary and worked very closely with the chair, erosh CEO and administrator, as well as many of the individual members.

Our network has over 60 people (representing about 30 organisations) on the mailing list, with around 30 and a regular attendance of 25+ members at meetings, which is testament to the value members place on the network. We hold quarterly meetings,, which always include members’ agenda suggestions, updates on sector issues and normally a visiting speaker related to current matters of importance to the group.

Each attendee has an opportunity to raise issues of importance to their own organisation, which are inevitably of use to others attending. It may be someone has a concern over motorised scooter use/ catering/ ASB and you can be sure others will either have a useful suggestion. For this reason the network is highly practical and not just a ‘talking shop’.

 As well as the practical benefit, the network is of great value in terms of raising the profile of the sector nationally. Erosh produces excellent guides (and in some cases provides training) for such matters as Considerate Contractors, Motorised Scooters, and LGBT issues amongst older people. The website offers direct and clear information on any number of issues relating to older persons’ accommodation. There are also strategic benefits as erosh has contact with the main housing and older persons’ organisations including CIH and CHC.  More recently it has taken on a role in certification of sector competency.

 An indirect benefit is that any member may contact another member about specific issues they have raised in a meeting and thereby create smaller, focussed networks. I do not know of any other grouping that offers such breadth of solutions. 

Last but not least, the annual CIH/erosh conference is the only such event to provide front line staff with the opportunity to network, learn and feel supported. There is no good reason NOT to join erosh today!”

Judith Jeeves, Community Living Team Leader, Valleys to Coast

“To have a forum of professionals that are able to share good practice, ask questions and work together can only benefit our organisations and communities in which we work.”

Kirsty Ellis, Head of Operations, Progress Group

“During the start of the lockdown , we had to very quickly change the ways of working , from office based to agile working , making sure our tenants were kept safe and continually deliver our services to the most vulnerable. Erosh has been a real support from the good practice guides, practical support and being able to talk to other providers to share ideas and solutions”

Cheryl Whittle, Head of Operations and Deputy CEO, WFHA

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