What would you like to tell Government about support for people living with dementia?

Ask eroshCategory: QuestionsWhat would you like to tell Government about support for people living with dementia?
Rebecca Staff asked 4 years ago

We are contributing to the new APPG inquiry into living with dementia. We are submitting our response by the deadline of 30 June and would like to invite you to share your views with us so we can incorporate these.  

You are of course aware the number of older people in the UK is significantly increasing with an associated increase in people living with dementia. The APPG inquiry will cover: dementia-friendly design/development of new homes, changes and adaptations to existing properties, ongoing input of care and support, and technological support, and will culminate in a report in March 2021 which will make recommendations to government, and provide guidance for housing providers.  

You can access more background information here but to summarise, evidence is being sought in relation to:

  • links between housing, health and social care to improve the journey of people affected by dementia;
  • design of new homes and how to increase supply of specialist dementia-friendly properties;
  • changes and adaptations to existing properties to enable people to live well with dementia at home; and
  • the role of innovative technology to improve the delivery of better care and support.

The Inquiry is quite open and there are no set questions so we have drafted a template for you to share your thoughts and suggestions which we will then collate into our response. You can access the template here.  

Please submit your contributions to ceo@erosh.co.uk by Monday 22 June 2020.