Jo Holt

Erosh Code of Practice

“There’s not really any other accreditation out there tailored to older people’s housing.  So for us, the benefits of the erosh Code of Practice have been enormous.  Firstly, it’s been a real driver for consistency and improvement across our 83 schemes.  It’s given us a clear framework to review our service and ensure we’re up to scratch.  And the feedback from our assessors has helped point us towards areas where we can do even better.  Secondly, our actual accreditation result was a massive pat on the back for us all.  We’re so used to dealing with all the problems and things that go wrong that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  So for an independent expert to come in, quiz residents and staff and tell you you’re doing a great job is really powerful.  It’s given the whole team a real sense of pride and achievement.  And I guess that brings us to the third big  ‘plus’.  Our residents aren’t in a position to judge the standard of our service, compared to other landlords, so it’s reassuring to them to know someone independent has – and that their landlord matches up to a challenging Code.  The process wasn’t bureaucratic or too onerous.  And so for us, it’s been a really positive experience – and offers great value for money.”

Jo Holt Service Improvement Manager - Optivo