Nora Gibbard

Erosh Code of Practice

“Milton Keynes Council has been accredited with the erosh Code of Practice for nearly 12 years and preparing for a fourth full assessment in February 2022. The service has 26 schemes, 28 staff and has a sense of pride in meeting the standards and achieving the recognition that the accreditation brings.

Despite the challenges of the last 2 years, the staff are looking forward to being recognised within the Council as a quality service, which they can boast about and offer reassurance to current and prospective tenants. It allows staff to work as a team, to reflect on the job they do and use real life examples to demonstrate meeting the standards. Having already been through the process a number of times, we are able to build the preparation into day-to-day work arrangements so it doesn’t take up too much time.

Our service users are also proud of the achievement, and we involve them in the process, which brings us closer and they can also see the impact the accreditation has across all schemes.”

Nora Gibbard Sheltered Housing Manager - Milton Keynes Council