Independent Living Standards Launch

The Code of Practice is changing.

We have undertaken a review of the Code of Practice. Consultation took place with the Advisory group and Code of Practice registered organisations. The new standards and processes have been trialled in an assessment that has recently concluded and we are now ready to launch our new Independent Living Standards together with additional support to help organisations achieve the accreditation.

The key changes reflect the services covered by the standards moving away from traditional models of support and other expectations of providers.

The changes include:

  • Updated standards that include changes around the expectations of independent living services.
  • The use of Microsoft Teams to allow improved communication with assessors and submission of documents through the process, allowing evidence to be submitted from day 1 after registration.
  • Additional support in the lead up to assessment through 1-2-1 support and support to teams
  • A flexible assessment process that combines a range of on-site and remote assessment

The updated accreditation still maintains a self-assessment before submission and no lengthy time-consuming portfolio building. Accreditation can be achieved in 6 months or less.

A question we are often asked, is “when is the best time to register?”. We are happy to talk to you and help you decide, with some organisations using the standards as a checklist to work towards when reviewing services, while other prefer to wait until a service review has been completed and see how it is working. We also have organisations who are harmonising services after a merger and want the accreditation assessment to test out the services and consistency across the regions.

Find out more about our new Independent Living Standards as well as hearing from registered organisations about the benefits and challenges they encountered during the accreditation process at our virtual launch event:

Who can attend? anyone – you don’t have to be an erosh member to attend

Where is it? This is a virtual event and will be hosted via Microsoft Teams

When is it? Thursday 3rd August @ 10.30 am – 12.00 noon

Cost? Free to attend

How to register? Please click here and you will be taken to our eventbrite booking page.

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