New Good Practice Guide – Lessons from the Pandemic | Supporting people living with dementia

Following on from our previous Covid-19 briefings, erosh has produced a Good Practice Guide in partnership with the Forget-Me-Nots (FMNs*), focusing on the lessons learned from the pandemic for supporting older people living with dementia.

The pandemic had a significant impact on the loneliness and isolation of older people generally, but particularly on individuals living with dementia who were not necessarily able to understand the restrictions on their lives and the very sudden withdrawal of contact with families and friends. Those supporting older people in sheltered and retirement housing had to find new and creative ways of ensuring that continuity of service to people living with dementia was maintained and the risk of isolation and loneliness was minimised.

*The FMNs is a service user group of older adults with dementia in Canterbury and surrounding areas.

We are hosting a virtual launch event on Wednesday 2nd November at 2.30-4pm for this new Good Practice Guide. Further details can be found in our events section.

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