Supported Housing (Regulatory Oversight) Bill (England)

This Bill relates to supported housing exempt from specific HB provisions and is relevant to erosh members who may offer supported housing alongside sheltered and retirement or independent living provision e.g. accommodation for those leaving prison, care leavers, those escaping domestic abuse and homeless individuals.

Bob Blackman MP introduced the (Private Members) Supported Housing (Regulatory Oversight) Bill primarily to address ‘rogue landlords exploiting the supported housing system’, and to help housing providers assess compliance with mandatory standards.

Some supported housing providers have been assessed against the erosh Independent Living Standards (ILS) which apply to both sheltered and supported housing, but there is no single regulatory body overseeing supported housing. Whilst most supported housing providers offer good quality accommodation and services, ‘a few unscrupulous landlords have exploited the system, offering substandard accommodation and minimal or no support to society’s most vulnerable individuals’.

The Bill makes provision to regulate supported exempt accommodation by introducing national supported housing standards and local authority delivered licensing regulations. This means that all supported housing providers must hold a license issued by the local authority which will decide who to award licences to depending on whether the support housing is ‘fit and proper’ and necessary to meet the needs of the area.

As is often the case, the detail is vague in terms of the licensing scheme and its practical application, the standards, funding and challenges faced by small providers. A phased introduction is likely to commence at the beginning of 2025 preceded over the next few months by a Supported Housing Advisory Panel including registered providers and charities, and consultation on the licensing regulations and scheme.

You can read more about the Bill’s progress here.

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