Tai Pawb celebrates Pride month

As part of recognising Pride Month, Tai Pawb has collated a wealth of resources which you may find useful:

History of the Pride flag
With its bright colours and significant meaning, the Rainbow Flag is a symbol recognised all over the world to represent the LGBTQ+ communities. It’s a symbol of hope, unity and empowerment to allow love to be love regardless of gender, ethnicity or labels. But where did this renowned flag come from? And how was the design chosen? 
The History of the Pride Flag | Flagmakers

 Welsh Pride E-mag
Check out this e-mag by Norena Shopland and Anne Hudgens, which has a timeline of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBTQ+) history in Wales. 
Welsh Pride Magazine

Find out more about LGBTQ+ issues, lives and events in Wales from the fantastic @LGBTQymru magazine.
LGBTQYMRU – Cylchgrawn LGBTQYMRU Magazine

Mark Etheridge: LGBTQ Curator at Amgueddfa Cymru
Curator Mark Etheridge tells us about his role collecting the stories of the LGBTQ+ community in Wales, and how the pandemic has led to a change of direction for this year’s Pride celebrations.   
Mark was named a ‘Rising Star’ on the Pinc list 2020
View his video HERE

Out on the Streets Report
Young people from the LGBTQ+ community are four times more likely to experience homelessness than their peers. Why and what can you do about it? See this great report from @EYHCymru
Out_on_the_Streets_Report_Summary.pdf (squarespace.com)

LGBTQ+ homelessness in Gwent
Last year, we co-ordinated research into LGBTQ+ homelessness in Gwent, looking at how services could be improved. LGBTQ+ people  are more likely to experience homelessness.
Read about it in this short blog HERE

Queer Migration in Wales
LGBTQ+ asylum seekers face unique accommodation challenges.
Check out this report from Glitter Cymru & Displaced People in Action

Interested to know more about support for ethnically diverse LGBTQ+ people?
Check out @GlitterCymru and @CardiffHoops on twitter who do great work with the community.

And don’t forget erosh’s Good Practice Guide: LGBTQ+ Older People & Sheltered & Retirement Housing which erosh members can access HERE:

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