10% Discount on Erosh Code of Practice accreditation!

Our new revised and updated Code of Practice continues to provide an invaluable independent and objective assessment of the quality of your accommodation and services for older people against national standards especially at a time when, driven by the challenges of the pandemic, you are perhaps rethinking, reviewing, and restructuring. It is all too easy to put aside accreditation and standards when other priorities beckon but some of our customers have found that signing up to or continuing to work towards the erosh Code of Practice provides a framework for making sure they don’t lose sight of quality standards, continuous improvement and evidence based outcomes which demonstrate how well they have supported and continue to support older people, their independence, and health and well-being. 

It is not as onerous as you think either – you will already have in place most of the evidence you need for the five standards, and the assessment process is built around existing documents and activities so the impact on staff and resources is minimised. 

In recognition of the challenges many organisations are facing at the moment, we are delighted to offer all new customers signing up to the Code of Practice before the end of December 2021 a 10% discount on your first year’s registration fee!

Don’t forget that your 12 month registration period gives you plenty of time for review and preparation before the accreditation process starts so you can proceed at your own pace to accommodate any changes you are planning. 

Read more about it on the Code of Practice page. You can also use our handy checklist on this page to assess how CoP ready you are!

Get in touch with Steve Rafferty, our Code of Practice Manager. Steve will be delighted to come along to a meeting (virtual or otherwise) to tell you more about the CoP and discuss your queries – steve@srtraining.org.uk. 

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